07 February, 2008

New Coordinated Water Bird Count (CWAC) project

February 2 was World Wetlands Day

The Avian Demography Unit's (ADU's) contribution was to launch the new website of the Coordinated Waterbird Count (CWAC) project.

The development of the site was sponsored by SANBI.

The main content of the site (found by drilling down from "CWC Data" on the left hand side menu on the CWAC site) is a tribute to the hundreds of CWACers who have faithfully counted the waterbirds at wetlands. CWAC started in 1992.

The site was designed by Michael Brooks at the ADU, and the CWAC project is coordinated by Marius Wheeler (marius.wheeler@uct.ac.za).

Spare a thought for the wetlands.

Professor Les Underhill
Director: Avian Demography Unit
Vice-President: International Ornithological Committee Department of Zoology, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, South Africa
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Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2

12th Pan-African Ornithological Congress, Goudini Spa, Cape Town
7-12 September 2008

25th International Ornithological Congress, Campos do Jordao, Brazil
22-28 August 2010

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